Payment Processing for Lenders and Loan Servicing Companies

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Payment processing for lenders and loan servicers

Payment processing for lenders and loan servicing companies.  Debit and credit card, ACH and e-check merchant accounts for lenders and loan servicers.


  • Brokers & Professional Services Companies:  Get your fees quicker.
  • Consumer & Business Installment Lenders:  Seamlessly debit and credit your customers’ accounts.
  • Crowdfunding Platforms:  Different payment methods for crowdfunding; lending, donation, equity and reward platforms.
  • Direct Lenders:  Electronic payment processing solutions for lending companies that make direct loans to businesses or consumers.
  • Lease-To-Own Lenders:  Our recurring payment plans make it simple for your customers to transition from leasing to owning.
  • Loan Servicing Companies:  Effective electronic payment processing solutions to serve the demands of your lenders.
  • Merchant Cash Advance Loans:  Demonstrated payment processing means for the expeditiously expanding merchant cash advance loan market.
  • Payday Loan Lenders:  Payment processing solutions for online payday loan lenders.
  • Auto Title Loan Lenders:  Effective payment processing methods help escalate profits for auto title loan lenders.
  • Tribal Lenders: Next day funding and secure chargeback protection. 

Various Payment Processing Strategies For Lenders To Boost Profits!

Being able to accept payments through any way your customers want to pay is very important to all lenders.  Multiple payment options result in escalated profits for you.

Most lenders use a variety of payment options. The most frequently used payment processing solutions used for lenders are…..

ACH Debits


ACH debits are the most cost effective way for lenders to receive electronic payments from customers.  ACH debits are a good way for lenders that can comply with returns and revoked transaction settlement ratios set by; the regulating body for the ACH network.  Same day ACH debits are available for lenders that wish quicker payments.

ACH Credits


ACH payments provides lenders with the capability to directly deposit lending funds to consumer & businesses bank accounts.  Same day ACH credits fund you quickly, giving you a combative advantage in the marketplace.



E-checks are utilized by lenders who can’t fulfill with return or revoke ratios necessary by the ACH network.  Echecks offer you more flexibility for returns and revoked, than the ACH network.  Echeck transactions clear through the payment processors account.  Cleared funds resolve to your corporate business bank account daily through an ACH credit.  Some lenders utilize echecks to evaluate the first few transactions from new borrowers, then switch to ACH when the borrower is vetted.

Debit Card


This allows borrowers to pay you with a debit card.  This is an accommodating way of repayment of loans and collections of overdue payments.

Credit Card


Credit card payments can be great for lenders if your chargebacks are within regulations set by card brands.  Credit card payment processing in most cases is the most expensive way to accept payments, because of the chargeback risk banks affiliate with some compartments of the lending industry, specifically those working with subprime markets.

How can I apply for an echeck, ach, credit and debit card merchant account For Payment Processing For Lenders?


To qualify for a merchant account a minimum of $50,000 payments processed per month is required.  Startups can be accepted if future growth is expected.  High volume accounts are our expertise.  Acquire the payment processing volume you need to govern and grow your business.  To register for an account, you can submit an application and supporting documentation.  Documents include; details about your business, corporate bank statements, payment processing history and signer identification.


Multiple Payment Processing Channels

Having multiple payment processing channels is simply just smart business.  Have the ability to accept payments a variety of different way for your borrowers to pay you.

Internet payments have expanded and grown with the overwhelming embracement of online bill pay.  A large majority of our population pay a majority of their bills online and are comfortable with online payments.  Lenders effortlessly accept online payments via direct API integrations to platforms, marketplaces and websites through secured hosted payment pages.

Accept secure phone / mail (MOTO) payments with secured virtual terminals.  Take payments through mobile apps from smart phones and POS systems.

Standard features include online reporting, real time tracking, payment and transaction reporting and the ability to import and export data to internal accounting systems, CRM and other platforms.

Recurred Payments Sustains Cash Flow for Lenders

 All accounts for lenders include unlimited recurred billing plans personalized to your business.  Recurring billing lets you tailor automated payments for any billing period like, daily, weekly or monthly.  Recurring payments for echecks, card payments and ACH propel production and sustaining cash flow.   

Recurred payments are a general component with all merchant accounts,  inclusive of debit & credit cards, echecks, and ACH payments.  Payments extend undisturbed through the completion of the loan term or the recurred billing is cancelled.

Highly successful recurring payment options for lenders are echecks and ACH, because bank accounts rarely change.  This results in less maintenance keeping payment data current compared to cards.

Accepting payments directly from customers bank accounts is the most effective process to receive payments.  Changing bank accounts can be a huge problem since debits for bills and vendors along with direct deposits from vendors and payroll are linked to these accounts.

Why Partner With Integrity Payments Group for your Echeck, ACH, Credit and Debit Card Merchant Accounts for Lenders and Loan Servicers? 

  • Our expansive banking network provides you with the ability to establish more than one account.  An assortment of payment processing options is an advisable strategy for high volume high risk merchants. 
  • Large volume merchant accounts for the processing capacity you need.
  • ACH debit, ACH credits, Electronic checks and card merchant from a single source; saving you money and time.
  • Devoted account managers.  We will guide you through the application process.  Once approved we will continuously provide you with guidance and support.
  • We will provide you with customized recurring billing plans to meet the needs of your business.
  • Multiple payment solution channels processing.  Accept checks by phone, online, by mail and fax payments via a virtual terminal.
  • High risk merchant account experts.  Use our experience to get your ACH processing, echeck account and high risk merchant accounts approved expeditiously.  
  • Complimentary tech support for your API, virtual terminals and batch processing to accommodate your processing needs.

Lenders are restricted by the card brands to collect repayment from debit cards for debt repayment. Integrity Payments Group works with Lenders to assure compliance while maximizing payment acceptance.

We offer same day and next day ACH for both funding loans to consumers, as well as ACH for collection of loan repayments and loan funding
Instant Loan Funding
  • Instant loan funding provides lenders with a dynamic competitive advantage. When borrowers are searching for loans, they need money now. Instant Loan Funding allows lenders to use the MasterCard and Visa networks to send money to borrowers within seconds. Funds are in the borrowers “open to buy” balance, similar to a wire in less than 30 seconds with a 99.5+% connection rate.
  • Increase lead conversions
  • Create loyalty for return borrowers
  • Maximize line of credit borrowings
All cards for collections
Lenders may accept all cards for defaulted collection payments. We work with lenders to create payment compliance for collections with credit and debit cards
Multiple Acquiring Banks/ODFIs
Multiple banking relationships provide redundancy as well as diversification of risk. Having more than one bank allows lenders strong payment relationships while leveraging best in class tools and cost containment.
Recurring Billing
Lenders can tokenize and validate borrower card information at first point of card entry for PCI scope as well as use in recurring payments and account updater utilization
Tokenization can be utilized at point of application for both Instant Loan Fundings and all recurring loan repayments as long as that consumer card remains active. Account Updater maximizes the lifecycle of the tokenization. Benefits include PCI compliance and reduced consumer friction

Referral PARTNERS- ISOs and Agents

Integrity Payments Group is your go-to partner for High Risk, complex and enterprise merchants for best approval opportunities. A complete and strategic merchant submission package is needed for large, complex and high risk merchants.

Integrity Payments Group has a large network of banks and processors to turn your declines into approvals. Integrity Payments Group stays in constant touch with the ever-changing trends, card brand rules, technology, risk management tools and best banking partners.


Turn your declines into approvals; monetize your declines.


Focus on your core business, and let us worry about the complexity of managing the process of high risk merchant boarding and sustainability.


High risk strategy


Continued expertise by staying connected with ever-changing trends, card brand rules, risk management tools


Your specialist for matching bank with client for long term, sustainable financial products and providers


Work with us to keep HR mids alive longer, more bankable, redundancy


22 direct bank and processing partners


Operate with 95%+ approval ratio

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