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Cannabis, Hemp/CBD Pin Debit Payment Processing

Integrity Payments Group provides legal, compliant, transparent payment processing for cannabis, marijuana, CBD, hemp and MMJ.  Pin debit card and ACH processing for retail and medical dispensaries, curbside, delivery and online debit card payment processing solutions.  We have partnerships with cannabis friendly banks that have agreements to legally provide pin debit payment processing and ACH solutions for cannabis products.  If you’re looking for legitimate, secure and transparent payment processing for your dispensaries reach out to Integrity Payments Group.  

  • Retail Dispensaries: Compliant, flexible, cost effective cannabis payment processing solutions for dispensaries.  ACH, debit card and pin enabled credit card processing.  
  • CBD And Hemp:  Lawful in the majority of the country, but still merchants and manufacturers have a difficult time obtaining merchant accounts. Partnering with us takes the complexities out to provide you with a customized ACH and card payment processing solution. 
  • Cannabis and CBD/Hemp delivery:  Providing solutions for you to maintain the same payment infrastructure for delivery services.    
  • Cannabis and CBD/Hemp And Curbside:  Curbside pickup provides your customers with the ability to shop online or call ahead to pick up orders outside.  Integrity Payments Group will provide you with innovative mobile payment processing solutions to streamline the curbside checkout and pickup process.
  • Cannabis and CBD/Hemp And Ecommerce Payment Processing:  We offer fast, reliable, secure and compliant cannabis cashless ACH, debit and pin debit payment options for your ecommerce customers for curbside, delivery or retail purchasing.


Integrity Payments Group team collectively has over 30 years of experience as a leader in payment strategies and solutions. We are experts in handling banking,
compliance and hard to place industries including cannabis, and marijuana related businesses. Our solution for dispensaries, with PIN debit solutions offers a fully compliant and transparent payment solution. Our direct solution brings full bank support, including 2 years of servicing MRB (Marijuana Related Businesses) with full knowledge of the vertical with regulators. The bank is in good standing with cannabis handling and services dispensaries across the country.

Pin Debit Merchant processing is not the same as a cashless ATM. Cashless ATM which is a workaround that many dispensaries have utilized. Unlike a typical card-based transaction, cashless ATMs appear to the bank as an ATM transaction, but in reality, the dispensary treats the transaction as a regular debit card swipe. Customers “withdraw” cash at the counter to cover their purchase (minus the ATM fee), and the cashier gives them the leftover cash as change. These transactions rely on deception, and oftentimes, these workarounds are quickly shut down once discovered by the bank or its regulators. There is a statement from VISA against this
structure of utilizing Cashless ATMs, and expected to have continued scrutiny and become a greater risk to Cannabis Dispensary operators that operate that payment model.

IPG’s fully compliant and transparent merchant processing system makes cashless ATMs obsolete.


Link to Visa warning against using cashless ATM solution here


Sales must be rounded up to the nearest $5 to $20 Sales are for the precise dollar amount of the purchase
Customer pays convenience fee and typically an out of network fee Customer does not pay convenience fee, buy can add fee to cover cost
Aquiring bank not disclosed in most cases 100% transparent full aquiring bank disclosure
Dispensary associate must provide change No cash handling
Checkout requires explanation Frictionless checkout process
Sales increase but not to the level of pin debit Sales on average increase 25%+ vs Cashless ATM’s or cash
Requires new merchant account for for credit cards when federal change allows Seamless transition to credit cards when federal change allows
Commonly disguised address and DBA to conceal cannabis processing Fully transparent DBA and address
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We Offer B2B Payment Solutions As Well

Integrity Payments Group also offers ACH and card processing for wholesale and tier 2+ MRB/CRB

Cannabis Dispensary Pin Debit Card Payment Solutions

Compliant, customized electronic payment processing solutions fitted for the cannabis industry.  Dispensaries, curbside pickup, delivery and ecommerce.

Debit Card Processing

100% transparent, compliant in person pin debit card processing for dispensary cannabis sales.  Our merchant processing accounts, unlike cashless ATM’s are completely transparent to all affiliated banks and stakeholders.  Allowing you to not put you or your business at risk of compliance by federal bank examiners.

ACH Payments

ACH (automated clearing house) payments are enabled by a consumer to use their bank account to transfer payments directly to a merchant to purchase products. As long as the funding and processing banks are approved for cannabis payment processing, ACH payments can be a permissable and widely accepted payment option for marijuana dispensaries.

Contactless Payments

Contactless payment processing solutions are becoming a vital componet to accepting cannabis payments currently.  These processes include invoicing, recurred billing, text to pay, Apple pay, Android pay and Google pay.

Curbside Payments

Do you offer curbside or retail payment options?  If not, we can assist with payment processing solutions for your cannabis dispensaries.

Cash Discount

Cash discounts can possibly eliminate processing fees associated with pin debit and ACH payment processing.  Contact us today to inquire about our solutions.

Cannabis Checking Account

We have many cannibis friendly banking partners with services such as checking accounts to fit your specific business needs.  It may be difficult to find cannabis friendly financial institutions on your own.  Integrity Payments Group has partners servicing all verticals of the cannabis industry in all states. No need to decieve your bank about your operation when you can open an account with a cannabis friendly banking partner.

How is this legal?


  • Legal counsel has carefully reviewed all compliance aspects and if buyer/seller transact in
    the sale and purchase of Cannabis where it is deemed legal, it is compliant. At the present,
    only point of purchase pin debit insures such a transaction, since pin debit requires card
    present and pin number entry.
  • Unlike Point of Banking systems, Point of Purchase, the dispensary is properly underwritten
    with full KYC being performed and verification of MRB license is current, with periodic
    reviews. No masking of merchant true business to our clearing bank unlike Point of Banking
  • We require that dispensaries have all applicable cannabis license(s), that the licenses are
    active and that the merchant business is in good standing with their local jurisdictions, and
    that they are compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. Since federal marijuana
    laws still technically deem marijuana illegal, these laws exist in obvious contradiction to
    state and local legislation. Our legal counsel has advised that, assuming merchants are
    compliant with state and local laws and regulations, our underwriting criteria and ongoing
    monitoring programs should, in addition to other legal compliance topics, focus on the eight
    federal “enforcement priorities” as outlined in the Cole Memo released in August 2013,
    which are namely the following:
    1. “Preventing the Preventing the distribution of marijuana to minors;
    2. Preventing revenue from the sale of marijuana from going to criminal enterprises,
    gangs, and cartels;
    3. Preventing the diversion of marijuana from states where it is legal under state law in
    some form to other states;
    4. Preventing state-authorized marijuana activity from being used as a cover or pretext for
    the trafficking of other illegal drugs or other illegal activity;
    5. Preventing violence and the use of firearms in the cultivation and distribution of
    6. Preventing drugged driving and the exacerbation of other adverse public health
    consequences associated with marijuana use;
    7. Preventing the growing of marijuana on public lands and the attendant public safety and
    environmental dangers posed by marijuana production on public lands; and
    8. Preventing marijuana possession or use on federal property.”

            Payment Processing For cannabis dispensaries 


Cannabis Debit/ACH Payment processing


CBD Payment Processing


medical/recreational marijuana payment solutions

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